What is Girls Who Like Code?

Girls Who Like Code is a loosely organized collective of women that code – whether they’re seasoned professionals or just getting started. We work on our projects, help each other out, share ideas and information, all while enjoying a drink and a snack or two.

Basically, we provide a place for women in Groningen to get together and work on awesome stuff.

Who’s organizing it?

GWLC is organized by Elske and Marleen. Elske is an app/game developer. Marleen is retraining to become a Java developer. 

Rosien and Hillie took over from Laura, Hanneke and Liesbeth in the beginning of 2017.

Elske and Marleen took over from Rosien and Hillie and plan to continue the work done by their predecessors.

Why are the events only for women?

Although programming is hard for (nearly) everyone, for various reasons it can be even more difficult for women. Not necessarily the skills that come with coding itself, but the threshold to break into such a male-dominated field can be quite high for some. This is a shame and also totally unnecessary, but we want to provide a space where women can get mentorship from each other without all the sexist crap that sadly occurs in some (not all!) other spaces. By the way, we welcome all who identify as women!

Can you teach me how to code?

We don’t offer a curriculum that will take you from n00b to superhero, but we can certainly offer support along the way! We do have an ever-growing list of resources to get you started, check it out!

Can GWLC hook me up with a job in the field?

We’re not a recruitment agency and have no ambitions in that direction, but of course it never hurts to share your skills & work with others!

How can I help out?

Great that you want to help! If you have experience in certain field, we’re always looking for coaches for our events (which basically means that you join and are available for questions from other participants). We’re like to change locations too so if you know a great place for us to meet up or if you r company wants to host us, let us know!

Can I share my project at GWLC?

Definitely! We’d love to hear about your work, your side-project or maybe you want to share any of your other successes (or failures, we like to hear about those too!). A wide range of subjects are welcome, as long as it’s easy to follow for others who might not have a lot of experience in your field. Get in touch with us if you’d like to give a presentation during one of the next meetups.

Can we also hang out online?

Yep! You can find us on twitter, Facebook and Instagram.